A Song for New Baby Blue

It is really fantastic how famous people put words to music to celebrate the arrival of a new member of their family. Here is an unpublished version of a song that hit the headlines recently after they returned home from the hospital:

The little brat is crying and we gettin’ no sleep
Why did we ever procreate this nasty lil creep
It only took 10 seconds to fertilize the egg
It may have been better to just hump her leg

Now all we get is whining to keep us out of bed
Should a put a jacket on the small dude’s head
Then I would’ na fertilized that nasty little egg
And she wouldn’t have cellulite all up and down her leg

Then we would have got some sleep in this big old bed
Now each and every morning my brain is feeling dead
Perhaps I really should not have gone to bed
Maybe I should have played on my Wii instead

With all this screaming and crying being made
I sometimes think I’m just getting played
When all I really wanted was a chance to get laid

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4 thoughts on “A Song for New Baby Blue”

    1. Well to tell the truth my parents use to put me on the stage usually the 3:10 uot of town. Thank you ma’am.

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