Advice From A Tree

I may not be a Grammy-award winning Musician, Poet and Golden-Globe nominated Actor but I know everything about everything and everyone. Because of this it’s sometimes easy to forget that you, the less brilliant, might sometimes need advice but who do you turn to for advice when Paris Hilton isn’t around? This is a question that has been asked by nobody and some say it’s best left that way but if I may approach seriousness for a single moment, if only to laugh in its face of seriousness and restriction. Now allow me to catch you unaware and dumbfound you with the very same question as before; who are you going call when Paris Hilton isn’t around to offer advice? Fear not my friends for I offer you wisdom that the Hilton never could. Listen to the advice from a tree and grow:


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4 thoughts on “Advice From A Tree”

    1. I get emails everyday from the tree and it influences everything I do and say but there is no way to stop the emails so lets just hope everything continues to be good!

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