Are Textiles The New Texting?

This week I passed a distracted driver and had to do a second take. She wasn’t yelling at her kids or texting— she was knitting. Well actually, she was unraveling a skein of yarn as she drove through a pedestrian zone. Really? What could be so pressing that you would jeopardize the safety of others in order to sort out your craft supplies? Is there a scarf famine? An afghan shortage? Stop it. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Knit yourself a little patience, but do it before you get in the car.

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6 thoughts on “Are Textiles The New Texting?”

  1. Is she crazy? And I drill it into my kids heads- no texting while driving,- this is insane. But you bring up a good point. People are so easily diverted from driving with eating, talking on the phone, singing to the music on the radio, daydreaming… Okay, so maybe they (we) all need a little Ritalin to focus, but a car is a vehicle, but also a moving weapon. (My favorite line to my kids- I parent by threatening and putting the fear of God into them, not PC, but so far – knock on wood- my kids are okay)

    1. I agree Cynthia! One bad decision (or in this fool’s case, one bad craft mishap)can ruin lives forever. We all complain about teens, but I’ve also seen adults like this one, putting on makeup, shaving, texting, reading newspapers! and blowing through stop signs and lights. Insane. Where’s driver’s ed when you need it?

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