Bad, Bad, Badminton Players

Eight Badminton players have been disqualified at the Olympics by the World Badminton Association for throwing matches in order to secure better placement in the competition later on in the tournament.  I am not sure what shocks me the most: that Badminton players cheat, that Badminton is actually an Olympic Sport or that the World Badminton Association is not just three old ladies who get high on tea and scones after a raucous match at a garden party.

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11 thoughts on “Bad, Bad, Badminton Players”

  1. I do not consider Badminton a sport. I draw the line at swatting a cock with a racket! 😉

  2. I thought “Bad Mittens” was a politician. Oh, you said “badminton”. Sorry. And “birdie” is the a euphemism for “shuttlecock”, which politicians want nothing to do with! 🙂

  3. I always thought that Badminton was a kid’s game that we played in the back yard because we couldn’t play real tennis there.

      1. I seem to remember that we had a real Badminton net.

        The most aggravating thing was when the kid on the other side of the net came right up to the net and hit the birdie over your head so that you had to turn around and run for it, invariably missing it.

        It’s pretty obvious that none of us would have made the Olympic Badminton Team. We were pretty hopeless most of the time.

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