Bad Cabin Fever Induced Poetry

All over the country people are up to their ass in snow! It seems there’s no end to the blasted white stuff.   In a complete non sequitur flip I’m a huge fan of Dr. Seuss.  I wrote this Seussian influenced poem about my snow induced cabin fever experience.

The sun did not shine,
It was colder than heck.
I walked to my car,
with snow down my neck.

The roads slick as ice,
and my blood pressure high.
There was nothing to do,
but to sit and eat pie.

So I sat,
and I sat
and I sat and I ate.
I sat and I ate all the pie on my plate.

“Where is the pie?,” bitched my dear husband Pete.
I ate every bit of that apple crumb sweet!
“Not guilty at all,” I said with a smirk!
He slammed the frig door and called me a jerk!

So beware of the unwanted white fluffy stuff.
And if you must travel, the roads can be rough.
But don’t get upset if the foul weather lingers.
Just sit and eat PIE and give snow the fingers!

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