Bawdy Wednesday Humor

It appears males can live longer – up to 14 years more – if they’re castrated.


Ballsy study reveals cutting off testicles helps men live longer


At 63, I can consider this topic a lot easier than I would have at 23.  This doesn’t seem all that bad in a world of effective anesthetics and doing so late in life, when you and your spouse are long past having S-E-X anyway.

Besides, according to Rush Limbaugh our penises are shrinking anyway from conspiracies conjured up by “feminazis”.

But the catch here is that castration has to occur in your youth, before your sexual prime time plays itself out.

A paraphrase to a popular Willie Nelson song comes to mind. “Momma, please let your babies grow up with their testicles”.


Who Needs 14 extra more years

At 91 Abe Vigoda hardly needs another 14 years.  Castration at an early age would have more value if we knew longevity was not in our future.


So let’s see – sexual orgasms for 40 plus years (50-60 years with prescription aids) over living 14 more years at an age where not only sex is a thing of the past but changing your underwear is not something you’ll always be doing because you just bathed.

Orgasms win out for me.  Who wants to live 14 more years in a world with smaller penises and higher health care costs.   Anyway, by the later years the family jewels become something of an  irritant, much like an older lady’s sagging breasts.  You have to constantly reach in there and rearrange your package to alleviate any discomfort.  The thought of doing this in a public place and getting arrested as a perv is a little unsettling.

Now we see why women tend to live longer than men.  THEY GOT NO BALLS.


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3 thoughts on “Bawdy Wednesday Humor”

  1. Um … I beg your pardon, but I have often told that I have a lot of balls, often by people who have just been annoyed by something I have said or done. Occasionally, someone will mean it as a compliment, to indicate that I am brave or ambitious or something.

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