Curious Over Keurig

Can someone please explain the Keurig coffeemaker to me? I know the coffee is good, but one cup at a time does not sate my caffeine lust.  I need a pot of coffee to make it to noon.  I know; a pot of coffee might not be a great idea but guess what? I function at a high level, and I move quickly. To the untrained eye, I probably resemble those people in the silent flicks who look as if they are running around at warp speed.

I will give the Keurig and its copycat coffeemakers kudos for making very good tasting coffee. However, when you do the math, that cup is expensive. The positive of these one-cup wonder machines is that I can’t screw up the strength of my coffee. It’s written in stone or at least sealed in the miracle cup packet.  With a Keurig, I would not have one day of drinking mud and another day of drinking brown water.  The strength of the brew would be consistent, and another plus: the Keurig does have fun flavors. Okay, I am reversing my opinion on the Keurig; It does seem to have built in advantages that might turn me into a fan.

What will never get my endorsement is the gift I got from one of my editors a few years back in lieu of a Christmas bonus– the two-cup Mr. Coffee coffeemaker. When my editor gave this appliance to me, she said in a serious tone, “You could put it on the counter next to your big coffeemaker.”

“Why do I need a baby coffeemaker if I have a big coffeemaker? My big coffeemaker has the capability of making just two cups. It will make one cup if I ask it to.”

“But you don’t have to use the big coffeemaker? See, it’s little.”

I looked at her with doubt in my eyes.  “I still don’t get it.  But if you want, I will keep it on my counter next to my big machine and let guests think Mr. Coffee procreated. How should I tell people he had this baby? Was it an affair with my toaster oven or did it spontaneously reproduce?”

“Just forget it! Give it back! I’ll just give you cash as a bonus instead. Happy?”

“Truthfully?  Yes!”

Well, to be fair to my editor, I guess that those mini-makers do come in handy in places like hotels. I do like being able to make a cup of coffee whenever I want, but why do hotels insist on putting the little coffeemakers in the bathrooms?  It seems a bit unsanitary.  This is a place where I believe the Keurig would be better because it is self contained and contains no leftover brew hanging around in lavatory open space.

I got a $5 off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond, and my daughter thinks I should use it to get myself a Keurig.  She thinks once I have a cup of this magical brew, there will be no turning back. She told me that some people love Keurig so much, they forget how to make real coffee in a regular coffeemaker. I have to wonder what she would think of the percolators my mom had. I bet her generation would never figure them out.

As tempting as a Keurig sounds, I think I should stay with the real coffeemakers. What if there is an apocalyptic event and all the Keurigs do not function properly? Shouldn’t  there should be someone left who knows how to make coffee “the old-fashioned” way?

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5 thoughts on “Curious Over Keurig”

  1. Being the coffee lover that I am, when our coffee pot died, I put coffee in a filter, shoved it in the empty coffee can, punched a hole in the bottom of the can, heated the water in the microwave and poured it over the coffee, held it over a mug to drip. I guess it was the prelude to the Keurig?

  2. In college, I used to make coffee in a little aluminum percolator. It wasn’t even electric. You had to put it on the stove and hope that this one time it wouldn’t come out tasting like metallic brown water. I have since developed some taste. At home I use a nice 12-cup Black & Decker Coffeemaker. I grind the beans in a Krups grinder. At work I use ground coffee, and brew it in a little 5-cup Black & Decker machine. Like you, I do not see the use of a one-cup coffeemaker. To get my full caffeine fix in the morning, I need one huge, oversized mug full of the brown elixir. One cup just won’t do it.

    1. I had a little percolator. It just never tasted good though. I wasn’t far from one cafeteria and it was open all night, so coffee was readily available/ I guess it explains my addiction

      1. Coffee + No Doz got me through many a finals week. It’s a wonder I lived. When you’re that age you think nothing of pouring tons of stimulant into your brain, then getting through the day with little or no sleep because you were cramming for a final all night. It’s called being young and stupid. I could never do that now.

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