Damn! No Swearing Allowed

The town of Middleborough, Massachusetts has banned profanity.  Anyone caught swearing has to pay a $20 fine. Upon hearing about this new ordinance, the White House has decided to follow suit and enforce a national ban on bad words as well. Statisticians calculate that levying the same $20 fine will result in the resolution of the US debt crisis in approximately 1.2 hours.  This is so goddamn great!  Oops, make that 1.999 hours.

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3 thoughts on “Damn! No Swearing Allowed”

  1. I don’t believe it. We’re gonna have to start another Facebook page. There’s no way in hell, I’m going to stand back and let them tax the words that manage to crawl from the gutter to my mouth and out of my mouth. I’ve some work to do, see ya later.

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