Darth Vader in Brooklyn

Brooklyn traffic cops are fearless. Mere death rays mean nothing to them. They will give a parking ticket to Darth Vader himself, as seen in this video:

Darth Vader Haggles With Cop on Gothamist

Lord Vader, who has doffed the voice of James Earl Jones in favor of a Brooklyn accent, can’t even get the cops to come to him when he motions to them. He must have the same effect on his troops, who meander in just in the nick of too late.

How the mighty have fallen!

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4 thoughts on “Darth Vader in Brooklyn”

  1. I’m going to go out on a limb here but I don’t think that was the real Darth Vader. I don’t have anything to back up that claim but having said that, I have seen Yoda appearing on TV ads for a phone company so it could well be the real thing.

    1. Who’s to say what’s real and what isn’t? If he were to take off his mask …

      By the way, I probably shouldn’t poke fun of New York accents. I’ve been told by people who are not from here that my own speech has developed traces of it. If so, it should be a badge of honor, since I often declare myself to be a true New Yorker, even though I wasn’t born here.

  2. It looks like they were on their way to a block party or festival. Maybe they were the entertainment. Who knows? But even Darth Vader should know better than to try to summon an NYPD cop by waving his fingers. Hehe! And we got to hear how he pronounces “dashboard.” A real, genuine New York accent.

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