Did Damning Breitbart Tapes Cause Obama to Commit Murder?

Right wing radio host Michael Savage and many of the fans of the late Andrew Breitbart are suspecting that the Barack Obama administration had Breitbart murdered in order to thwart the release of some damaging videotapes from Barack Obama’s college years that Breitbart had planned to release.

This certainly seems plausible once you hear exactly how damaging these tapes are. They will certainly prevent any America-loving conservative-leaning voter from even thinking of voting for Barack Obama in the fall.

On the series of tapes, a young man who is undoubtedly Obama, is plainly seen:

(1) walking into a library
(2) reading a science book
(3) walking past an obvious gay man without even saying anything disparaging to him
(4) allowing a nearby woman to purchase birth control
(5) recycling an aluminum can
(6) shotgunning a Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Unbelievable! Everyone knows you gotta savor that shit.

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