Dr A. Hedgehog and the Unnamed Mocker

Dr Hedgeh is a good doctor but he has the sense of humor of an inanimate object that has no sense of humor. He’s been Scurvy Jane’s Dermatologist for years and believe me when I tell you that the capital of Bolivia is Sucre. According to legend, an unnamed mocker, posed him a question:

If you illegally download a movie in Jamaica, would you become a pirate of the Caribbean?

He looked as confused as a 9-year-old Irish kid who got lost in Switzerland where nobody spoke the same language as him because I spoke the language of someone who was terrified and couldn’t speak. I thought he was going to kick me or whoever it was, out of his office. A funny thing happens when we go to see him. An unnamed mocker keeps adding the letters ‘og’ at the end of his door sign:

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4 thoughts on “Dr A. Hedgehog and the Unnamed Mocker”

  1. I think his family just dropped those two letters to be different and now the world is naturally putting them back. Maybe it’s a dead relative coming back to tell him he needs the OG. Yeah, a ghost. I like that.

  2. But it might attract more customers, albeit a different clientele, like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. “Birds of a feather” you know.

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