Jason Elia is Our September Featured Writer of the on the Month

We try to promote our writers and authors as much as possible, so when a new book is launched, we want to get the word out and such is the case with Jason Elia and his novel Elliston.  Already, creating quite a buzz,

Why did I choose the name “Elliston”? Well “Nashville” was already taken by a shitty movie made in the 80’s and an even shitter TV drama coming to ABC this fall. Plus it’s the street that houses the best sushi (Samurai), bar (The Gold Rush), and music venues (Exit/ In and The End) in Nashville, hell the world even. And it’s where I became an adult. That street, my first apartment was there. When I was too broke to keep my cell phone bill paid and looking for a job, I gave employers the number to The Gold Rush. Nashville is forever my home. No matter where I live.

HumorOutcasts Press is proud to launch Elliston, a new novel by screenwriter Jason Elia. Already a buzz surrounding this work, Elliston is described as a gritty novella based in the myth of song and the horror of reality. It is the fictional but all too true story about the formation and implosion of an audacious and critically acclaimed band. A cocaine-riddled tale of one of the first bands of the pseudo famous Nashville indie rock scene, Elliston immerses the reader in the sex, drugs and lies that re-branded the city of country through the bloodshot eyes of its elitist rockers.

With attention already gathering about this book, we thought we would introduce you to the always controversial Jason Elia to give a bit of insight about the writing of this book.

Available on Amazon Take a peek!!!!!

HO: How long did it take you to write this book?

Elia: 163 bottles of Jameson and 60 pounds of Sour Patch Kids

HO: Is the book totally fiction?

Elia: It’s as much fiction as my mind would allow for. But for legal purposes let’s just say it’s 100%.

HO: Why did you pick Nashville? Are you a native from the city?

Elia: Because Nashville is Nashville. Live there and you’ll understand. And I’m actually not a native. As I always say I’m its adoptive son, complete with surviving Death on Broadway, twice.

HO: Tell me about your writing career thus far?

Elia: To quote LFO, “It’s been up, It’s been down, It’s been side to side and buried alive.” But honestly, I’m not dead. This interview and book prove it.

HO: What are your long term writing goals?

Elia: My writing goals are simple, to be Frank Portman and rich enough to never have to bum and steal Sour Patch Kids ever again.

HO: What makes Elliston so special to you and why do you think readers will respond?

Elia: The fact that I use the word “Fuck” in it more times in 250 pages than the entire movie of Scarface. But also that it’s based in a time of my life where I truly found out who I was as a person and persona. And it’s based in the scene that raised me from 17 until 23.

HO: How do you think readers will respond?

Elia: I hope they respond with parades and showers of money.One can dream right?

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