Everything I know, I learned from movie shows: Part 5

Enjoy part five in the series of life lessons I learned from the movies, where I examine why your father’s death might not be all bad…

Sure Dad’s dead, but I’ve learned a TON:

I'll haunt you with hilarity!

Honestly, what didn’t GHOST DAD teach us? That movie was chock full of important lessons, take note:

1) Ghosts are completely visible, provided the lights are off.

2) Taking a cab at any point is the equivalent of taking your life in your own hands.

3) Death in the family often leads to madcap hijinx.

4) The secret to the most impressive magic tricks is often the help the magician’s father is giving him from beyond the grave.

5) Not even your earthly demise will change the fact that your teenage daughter is a total bitch.

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One thought on “Everything I know, I learned from movie shows: Part 5”

  1. 6) Never let your cab driver think you are The Devil, especially if he is a Satan worshipper.

    In fact:

    7) If you find out that your cab driver is a Satan worshipper, get out of the cab fast, before he starts to refer to you as “Evil Master.”

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