Extreme Cougar Wives and the Presidential Elections

American Flag on the Fourth of July © by mrsdkrebs

TLC has added a new show to its already long line of freakish programming: Extreme Cougar Wives which will profile really old women with really young men including a 76-year-old widow who is involved with her 28-year-old Romeo.  While I am usually a big believer in the heart of a person and not the age of a person, this vast age difference just makes me go “Ickkk”.

Anyway, if this show isn’t a success (but it probably will be since nothing gets TV viewers enthralled like weird sex arrangements), TLC has another show in reserve: The Un-making of a President which will feature the loser of today’s elections trying to find new work. Employment possibilities include rollerblading at the Sonic Drive-In, digging through trash to find hidden treasures and of course, used car sales. To make it more alluring to viewers, the candidates’ wives might also head to work in the reality series as phone sex “operators”, and of course, a position that all female ex-celebrities attempt–Designers for KMart fashions.  Ah, an exciting season ahead for TLC.

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7 thoughts on “Extreme Cougar Wives and the Presidential Elections”

  1. This is a fantastic idea. I’d pay big bucks to watch Romney try to get a job as a college Ethics instructor. As for Couger Wives, I am looking for work but my age floor is 90. How does one apply?

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