So, I turn on our local news station today to check the weather forecast when a local story came on.  The news reporter stated that a woman, who met a man on Facebook, broke into a double wide so they could have sex.  When a neighbor saw them breaking in he contacted the owner who promptly came home and found the couple in a rather heated position.

When the police questioned the neighbor he stated,

“When they seen us they ran out the back door.  Me and the owner and ran after ‘em cornerin’ the guy in a ditch.   The girl got away but the fella jumped up and came at me with something in his hand – it looked like a short stick.  At least that’s what I think it was.”

Soon after the police caught up with the girl and she was arrested and booked for trespassing.  When asked about the man, who is still on the loose, she said she only knew him by his first name.

Now I may be going out on a limb here but I bet his name is John, last name, Smith.




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7 thoughts on “Facebooked”

    1. HAHAHA! Donna, I can understand the stupidity of the locals but the sad fact is it’s STILL a top news story for our WLOS news team!!

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