Fokken Around

When I die, which I hope is many years down the road, I don’t want people to remember me for my bank account or the type of car I drove or the home I lived in.  No, I hope my legacy will be about what I did for my fellow man.  I know everybody says this, but for the Fokken sisters, there is no way around it.  

The Fokken sisters are identical twins and…wait for it…prostitutes… and yes, coincidentally, their real name is Fokken, and it’s pronounced Fukken or Fōkken depending upon who you believe. Obviously, as prostitutes, the two women have truly built a life in the service of their fellow man or more correctly, men. 

Right now, I can see every male, who is reading this story, drooling with the idea of twin prostitutes, but before that saliva drips too far out of your mouth, let me add one more fact: the twins are 69-years-old and still active prostitutes in the Netherlands.  Got that image burned in your brain yet, guys?  SIXTY-NINE YEARS OLD!   And in case, you think I have dreamed this up in some drug-induced state, here’s a link.

As it turns out, these twin sister prostitutes are sort of pioneers in their profession.  No age jokes please such as “Of course, they would be pioneers; they used to go by horse and wagon to meet customers”  OR “They are so old their first Johns names were Adam”…well, you get the idea. Anyway, it turns out, the twin prostitutes were not just about the trick (hey, I know this term; I watch Law and Order). They have worked to advance the station of women in their profession. Possessing the entrepreneurial spirit, the dynamic duo, who have been in the business for a half century, ditched their pimp years ago and started their own brothel which allowed them to pay their employees a better wage.  Even after the brothel became a success, they continued their goal to elevate the standard of living of working girls and formed a prostitution union.

Despite their long career and their contributions to their industry, the twins have decided that it’s time to hang up their G-strings and garters — and that’s another image that will be hard to shake.  In honor of their retirement, a filmmaker is doing a documentary on the legendary ladies of the night.   

I would like to toast these independent and free-thinking women.  While many people might not embrace or endorse their choice of career, they can’t deny the fact that these twins must have taken a great deal of pride in their job and satisfied many a customer to have lasted more than 50 years in their “hospitality” work.   So, cheers, Ladies, and may your retirement years to be equally as fulfilling as your working years and may the daylight hours be just as good to you as the nights were.

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8 thoughts on “Fokken Around”

    1. Back in medieval times your career determined your name.

      I wonder what those ladies’ ancestors were up to! 😉

  1. This is even better than the story of the nine retirement home residents who wanted to have an orgy.

    Is it my imagination or have older people been hiding something all these centuries?

    1. I made a note of that retirement home. I understand that in their prime, these ladies were probably well sought after by customers but I guess now the older gentlemen would still like them. Hey, whatever pays the bills and/or floats your boat. I am not here to judge.

  2. HA HA HA! All I can picture is them in a threesome with Shecky Green . . .

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