Friday Humor Devotional

Dear Lord, please help me explain to my grandfather that “Nicki Minaj” is a pop singer and not a new euphemism for having quickie sex with three people.

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10 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

  1. Your grandfather must have been a wild one in his day to even go there with that name. 😀

    1. L.B. They must have cable in his assisted living community!! Good to see you! 🙂

  2. This is hilarious! I wonder if Nicki Minaj will have to change her name now, just to keep people from laughing when they think of her.

    1. LOL, I hope not Kathy. My single friends are planning to get a little Nicki Minaj’ed tonight,wink, wink nudge nudge!! 😉

  3. Reminds me of Martin Luther King after his first Ménage à trois… Three at last, three at last! 😉

    1. HA HA, yes Mario I totally agree! One could say, “Oh man, I got Nicki Minaj’ed last night and couldn’t find my pants!!

  4. You shouldn’t bother telling him at all but then trying to explain to him that you just can’t get enough of Nicki Minaj will probably get even more tricky!

    1. I believe you are right Bill, it’s tricky to explain a quickie Nicki to anyone! 😉

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