Friday Humor Devotional A Day Early

Mayan CalendarDear Lord, I’m posting my Friday Humor Devotional a day early just in case you decide to punish me for my levity in your name and plunge the world into a state of total destruction via the Mayan calendar prediction. However, in my defense Honey Boo Boo, Bon Jovi (you can thank me later Bill), The Gangnam Style Guy, all political campaign ads and many other nuisances too numerous to mention can and should be obliterated.

Anywhooo, staying with my reputation of asking you for your tolerance and forgiveness, please forgive my religious mockery and if the world is still in tact on Saturday please honor my request for 50-yard line tickets for Super Bowl 2013, Amen.

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9 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional A Day Early”

  1. Thank you for posting this a day early. I can’t speak for others, but if I wake up tomorrow morning and find out that I’m dead, I will be glad that you gave me the chance to read it before Armageddon came.

    1. Kathy it’s Friday, December 21st and all is right in the world. I awoke next to a snoring, drooling, furry thing . . . and the cat was purring too. 😉

  2. You want tickets for what. Well dearest here is the bad news, no chance, not one, why? Well look at the facts as they stand. Firstly you confuse the bejesus out of poor Bill, go to work in the morning or not, is today Friday or Thursday what to do what to do. Secondly yet again you mock religion and as per usual on a weekly basis. No there will be no tickets and what is more you’re parking pass is henceforth revoked as of today…

    1. Pete, once I’ve wrapped my end-of-days weary brain around your comment I’ll come back with a witty response. But until then I’ll apologize for confusing “bejesus” because we all know bejesus loves us, Amen.

        1. Thanks Donna. Sometimes it’s difficult to interpret the old git’s babble; mainly because it usually rubbish. But I was happy he knows and loves bejesus.

  3. Where do we begin?

    1) This is not Friday. You post your devotionals on Friday but this isn’t Friday. I wake up on a Friday, look at the top left column on HO and see the words “Friday Humor Devotional” but today isn’t Friday but your words are there. I usually thank the Mayan God’s that Friday has arrived and all is good in the world but it isn’t Friday and now I have work tomorrow but only if there is a tomorrow which won’t be Saturday because today isn’t Friday. I am just massively confused to the max and you know it’s all your fault.

    2) Massive respect for dissin’ Jon Jovi.

    1. I’m so sorry Bill for your confused state of mind. All the same, one can never be too safe when it comes to those infernal Mayans and their calendar debacle. I am happy I could redeem myself with my distain of Mr. Jovi. 😉

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