From Our Heart To Yours

Mario Turchiarolo made a good point about Cheney’s new heart.  I couldn’t agree more.  After decades of heart disease and five-count-‘em-five heart attacks, former Vice President, Dick Cheney received a new heart.  Congratulations Dick!  And, by-the-way, we hope you enjoy our Humoroutcasts gift basket of pork rinds, bacon, a 100 lb. Wisconsin cheese wheel and to the Red Meat-A-Month club for Life gift certificate. No need for a thank you note.  It’s a gift from our heart to yours.


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2 thoughts on “From Our Heart To Yours”

    1. You are so welcome Mario! No can do on the gift basket . . . ’cause, I LIKE you,lol. That basket was a special order just for Mister Cheney, 😉

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