Fun(d) in the Sun

Indigogo, an online fundraising site had raised $455,865 (with 29 days to go) to send Karen H. Klein, the bullied school bus monitor on a luxury vacation. It was the video that went viral of kids taunting and viciously harassing her that sparked this grass-root campaign. Maybe Mitt Romney should take over her job while she’s gone and get to know the over-privileged rich people he panders to. I bet he wouldn’t last a day. But not to worry he’ll be on a permanent vacation after Tuesday, November 6th.

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4 thoughts on “Fun(d) in the Sun”

  1. Two words to discribe Karen, “Class Act!” She kept her cool and was wise enough to let them record what they were doing, knowing they would probably post it on youtube, therefore incriminating themselves. I would send them a post card saying, “The weather is here, wish you were nice.” 🙂

  2. From your mouth to God’s ears.

    By the way, the woman deserves a great vacation. I saw her on television earlier today, and she showed the world how a nice, wise, compassionate person handles the people who have wronged her. She is not asking for “justice” or revenge. She doesn’t want the kids to go to jail or to be made to pay. She only thinks that some community service would do those kids some good. Go, Karen!

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