God’s Precious Gift

We went out for dinner with Thirsty Dave, Scurvy Jane and Sugartastic Daddy John. The wine was free-flowing, mainly down the thirsty one’s throat and the food was of the cooked variety. Jill Y was telling funny stories about her dog when Sugartastic suddenly became quite emotional and was on the verge of crying. He told us the story of the dog he once had and how his pride and joy, met his maker:


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10 thoughts on “God’s Precious Gift”

    1. Sweet, Bill Y 2010 or 2011 would have thought of that one but Bill Y 2012 is so occupied with hating a so-called band that the basics are slipping by!

  1. Tthis was the best headstone ever. I just cracked up. Of course, now it is politically incorrect as the word “Oriental” is no longer allowed.

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