Here, have a smile. It’s on the house.

I wanted to become a Greek God so I headed to Greece to speak with Greek people about the possibility of becoming the Greek God of Bon Jovi Hatred. As useful as Google is, I just couldn’t find information that was informative at all. The economic situation in Greece, like so many countries these days, is anything but good and I don’t have any money to give them so I thought I would give them a free smile, in the hope that it might cheer them up a little:

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6 thoughts on “Here, have a smile. It’s on the house.”

  1. I like the house’s asymmetrical hairdo, too. And I envy anyone who lives in a happy house.

    So you want to be a Greek god? Well, I have the rudamentary idea of a fantasy/humor novel that I want to write which has Greek gods and goddesses in the modern world. Unfortunately, though, I can’t help you out much. I never heard of a god of Bon Jovi hatred, although Apollo was the god of music and, according to myth, he didn’t appreciate competition.

    You would have to go to the gym a lot and get really buff, and you would probably have to get a nude statue made of yourself. You would also have to practice your music diligently, so that nobody in the world would dare challenge you. Oh yes. You would also have to have all kinds of magical powers, be able to shoot arrows with accuracy and ride a chariot around the world once a day, to simulate a sun god.

    Scratch that idea. Sorry.

    1. I’m only seeing this comment now Kathy and what a comment it is too. I think I could actually become the Greek god of Bon Jovi hatred. A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have thought I would ever become the patron saint of mockers. You wouldn’t believe the hoops I had to jump through, to swing that one. The catholic church is full of rules and regulations and don’t get me started on the whole canonization issue but I stuck at it and it’s all good now so I’m going to give it a shot. More to come on this later …

  2. It would have been cool if one of the the awnings were up then it would have been a wink and a smile, LOL!!

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