Hoffa’s Final Resting Place?

Acting on what is termed a credible  tip from a man who witnessed a body being buried on the property of a suburban Detroit home in 1975, police are digging up the driveway of that home in hopes of  finding the remains of what some believe belong to Teamster leader  Jimmy Hoffa.  Although law enforcement officials are confident Hoffa  was murdered, they do not believe he is buried under the driveway. As one detective, who wants to remain anonymous, so aptly put it, “We are going to dig up the driveway just in case, but we don’t think we will find Jimmy. Our best guess is that he might not even be buried in one place. One day we might find his body strewn about … you know, Hoffa here and Hoffa there.”

Hey, even fictitious police detectives on the hunt for dead mobsters can have a sense of humor.


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