Horrible New Twitter Trend: “Bed Of Shame”

Gary. Your Father wouldn't like him.


If you’re anything like me, you have spent your life doing everything you can to avoid falling in to the trap of having a one-night stand.  Not only is it slightly embarrassing to know there are what are essentially STILL total strangers out there who have seen your penis or vagina, but, it also makes for a slightly awkward conversation  for the next batch, when you have to explain why you take more than 20 minutes to emerge from the bathroom after you pee…. And if you’re a celebrity, or a public figure, it’s a pretty dumb thing to do. You compromise not only your integrity with the public, but, as was the case with Simon Cowell quite recently, much more. As much as you can imagine a celebrity being quite literally ‘screwed over’ by a co-conspirator of twilight decadence, you don’t really expect the same to be done TO the co-conspirator, at the hands of the public figure…

As you probably know, I’m from London, England. Over here, we have a show much like “Jersey Shore”, called “Geordie Shore”. ‘Geordie’ is an affectionate term for anyone from the English side of the border with Scotland – otherwise known as Tyneside.

Now, the show, much like the New Jersey version, centres around a small crew of what you in the United States would call ‘douche-bags’. They get drunk, and they ‘shag’ anything that they can. One of its cast members, Gary, has started off something of a quite horrible new Twitter trend.  It’s a ‘hash-tag’ called #BedofShame.

Last month, he tweeted a few photos of women sleeping in his bed after one-night stands, and used the above hashtag.

And because so many guys out there are basically nasty, it’s become a trend.

So,  guys are now tweeting photos of women sleeping in their beds after one-night stands and tagging them with #bedofshame.  I don’t know about you, but it kind of makes me weep for society.

Anyway, a huge BACKLASH began. Gary apologised and told people to stop posting the photos.  But, if you’ve ever spent more than 15 seconds on Twitter, you’ll know that the community isn’t exactly all about sympathy towards others, particularly if they’re in any way at all in the public eye. It’s basically an entire website of Schadenfreude fans.

On Friday, he wrote on Twitter,  “I’m truly sorry for my behavior on Twitter, I know I’ve let you down.  I’ve deleted the photos and comments and please will you do the same?”

Anyway, just in case you live in England, or happen to be planning a trip here, this is a selection of photos of men you definitely need to make sure you don’t fall asleep next to after allowing them to distribute their horrible thoughtless man-mess anywhere near your feminine genitalia. Or, if you absolutely must, and you’ve been boring your friends with the recurring complaints of “DO YOU KNOW how long it’s been, since I had the bad breath of a hairy beer-drinking idiot in my bed, and do you REALISE how EXPENSIVE ice-cream and cat food has become these days????!?!?!” then at least  make sure you ‘accidentally’ flush their iPhone down the toilet first.



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