How Clint Eastwood sees the world

I was telepathically communicating with my niece and telling her that back in the day, Justin Bieber hadn’t yet given birth to the thought that would one day infect everyone else’s thoughts and allow them to communicate telepathically. This was way before she was acknowledged as the Queen of the Universe and the Ruler of the Postal Worker Army that would eventually take over the world. Thank Her Majesty for psychic invoices. With all the advances in modern technology, it’s hard to believe that we can only now see the world through Clint Eastwood’s eyes:

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10 thoughts on “How Clint Eastwood sees the world”

  1. Actually I believe that is as ass shot through the hole in his pants as his sphincter contracts. And I say that admiringly of the man. 🙂

  2. I’m still laughing at “Ruler of the Postal Worker Army” hahahaha! As for poor Clint he’s always been an eyes-half-open kind of guy or is it eyes-half-closed?? Hmmm 😉

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