How Do We Solve A Problem like Women Priests?

A 92-year-old Jesuit priest was stripped of his duties because he presided over a mass with a woman priest. The woman, Janice Sevre-Duszynksa is an ordained priest with Womenpriests, a Roman Catholic advocacy group.  Women priests are not sanctioned by the Vatican because the traditional stance by the popes has been that they do not believe Jesus had women apostles so if they were not good enough for him, they are not good enough for the Church. Upon hearing the news of the 92-year-old’s dismissal, Jesus put out his own press release which said, “I am tired of religion painting me as sexist and vengeful God. We had lots of women helping out. If a woman was good enough to be my mother, she is good enough to be a priest. Grow up and give them a robe already.”

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One thought on “How Do We Solve A Problem like Women Priests?”

  1. The Catholic Church is slowly crumbling. They’ve had problems keeping their nuns in line, but women priests could be their undoing! And yet, they are now hiring “temps” in some large cities to act as officiants for their parishes that don’t have a priest. Young people no longer feel the calling to be a priest or a nun.

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