How is my son coming up with all this money?

Jill Y and I are constantly told that Little Dill Y is no angel but we constantly ignore it because of his insistence that we call him ‘Little Angelic Dill Y’. He has a certain thirst for knowledge, an inferiority complex and tends to look down on the less intelligent, little brats who don’t. Like all parents, we always know where our son is but that’s only because I handcuff him to his mother. Some people might think that’s a little extreme but when you compare it to the microchip we have planted under his skin, it isn’t really that bad. We realize that we probably won’t win parents of the year, every year but we’ve a better chance than some:

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6 thoughts on “How is my son coming up with all this money?”

  1. Maybe the son is into computer crime and that is why he needs (about) four computer in 2 months! I’m sure it must be some white-collar crime since he isn’t black.

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