I need to get the ‘f’ out of here

Fame is a fake, fickle falsehood of fictitious fanfare and I haven’t got a clue about what I’m talking about so I need to get the ‘f’ out of here. For one brief day, George Brownridge was king of men. A legend of a man whose conquests were known across land and seas. Wherever he went, he went with head held high and looked down on the many mere mortals. Men aspired to be him and women, insanely desired him. Time, however, has a habit of cruelly dictating events, the way she sees fit and time taketh back, just as she had giveth:



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2 thoughts on “I need to get the ‘f’ out of here”

    1. I think of those men who looked up to George Brownridge and I think of myself for I was one who idolised from afar. Tne experience has left me cynically bitter and twisted, unable to trust again.

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