I Think I Have a Hermaphrodite Brain

Guess: male or female?
I recently picked up a copy of the latest Special Collector’s Edition of Scientific American Mind. The articles are all about the differences between male and female brains. After reading some of the articles, I have come to a conclusion: my brain got mixed up somewhere along the line.

Apparently, there are definite anatomical differences between male and female brains, which accounts for why men and women look upon each other as weird aliens. Yes, we do think somewhat differently, and it is based on differences in brain architecture, along with those lovely hormones that go squirting around inside us, sometimes at times we would rather have them leave us alone.

I am a female. I have always been one. I have never had any desire to be a male. What I have always had, though, even as a kid, was a desire to be able to do the fun things that boys could do. In other words, I was kind of a tomboy. At the same time, when I got a chance to get my hair done and wear a pretty dress, I liked it. Why not have the best of both worlds, right?

Well, that’s what’s puzzling me now that I have been reading Scientific American Mind. According to what I am reading, I am not normal. So I decided to give myself a test to see if just maybe I’m not as mixed up as I think I am.

1. I have always had a secret desire to be able to ride a motorcycle = MALE

2. I am a compulsive online clothes buyer = FEMALE

3. However, I hate mall shopping with a passion = MALE

4. I had dolls and a doll house and jacks when I was a kid = FEMALE

5. I also had baseball equipment, I would much rather get a neighborhood game going than play house, and I hated playing sissie softball where you had to pitch like a girl = MALE

6. I think that old “Beauty and the Beast” TV show (where the guy looked like a lion) was romantic = DEFINITELY FEMALE

7. I hate most long phone conversations = MALE

8. I think Kevin Kostner is still hot = FEMALE (in my case, anyway — gay guys are free to share my crushes if they want)

If the above provide any indication, my brain is definitely half male and half female. I will just have to continue to live with it. In truth, it has been kind of fun so far. Hmmm. I wonder how much a Harley would cost, and if wearing a helmet would mess up my hair.

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4 thoughts on “I Think I Have a Hermaphrodite Brain”

  1. I think the male brain has an extra hidden penis somewhere. Funny enough, not many people share this view but it would explain so much!

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