I’d rather shower in piss than listen to Bon Jovi

I’m a big animal fan. I like bacon, bacon double cheese burgers, buffalo wings, ham, pork and so on and so forth. I could go around with a ‘Don’t become a vegetarian, you selfish son of a bitch’ t-shirt but nobody would take a blind bit of notice. The only thing worse than not eating animals is not wearing them. Natalie Portman has a slightly different opinion on the subject than I have and she has a poster too:



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4 thoughts on “I’d rather shower in piss than listen to Bon Jovi”

  1. This is just a gross, gross ad. This does not endear animals to me in any way, and I like animals. Bon Jovi probably hates this ad too. I can’t imagine why but I am just guessing on this.

    1. I still like animals, despite the ad. If I was proficient enough in Photoshop, I would remove Natalie Portman and put Bon Jovi in her place. I’m not sure why but that would give me a lot of pleasure.

      1. I would use Photoshop to take Natalie away from her urinal habitat and put her in a picture of MY shower! I have no passion for Bon Jovi.

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