If anyone is looking for me, you haven’t seen me.

This is going to really annoy a lot of people but that’s never bothered me before and I can’t really see it changing in the nearest of futures. Right now, there are many a marketing company, attempting to hunt me down for disclosing the tricks of the trade. It’s probably just as well that I have friends in 12 Eastern European countries as I might just have to go into hiding very shortly. If you’re like me and let’s pray that you’re not, you’ll have serious issues trying to figure out how magnets work but trying to figure out how Maths works is a whole other fish kettle. Marketing Companies understand Maths and they understand that advertising is a formula. I’m about to disappear for a while but before I do, feast your disbelieving eyes on the formula for selling expensive hair shampoo:

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8 thoughts on “If anyone is looking for me, you haven’t seen me.”

  1. I believe that dehydrated water is a real ingredient. I’m still trying to figure out how they make it!! But then again I also believe that chickens have lips. . .

  2. Didn’t people used to wash their hair with regular hand soap and beer and other stuff like that?

    1. Sure we all fall for it and what else would we do with all the money we don’t have, if we couldn’t spend it on products with make-believe names!

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