If You Had an Extra 15 Minutes a Day, What Would You Do?

Neal Mayhem could fit FIVE 'special times' into this green area

If you’re anything like me, you probably wish you could add a few extra hours into the day, just so that you could get the BASICS done. I don’t have a cleaner. And the last time I could AFFORD a P.A., there were still two large towers standing on the vista of the New York skyline.

So, if you COULD get an extra 15 free minutes a day, how would YOU spend it?

There’s been a survey conducted, about just that very question. The most popular answers were; classic gender stereotypes.

Women claim they’d most likely spend the time sleeping, or cleaning.

Men were most likely to say they’d spend the extra 15 minutes having sex.

Woah. Just one moment. Bear with me while I just take a moment to sit down, and get over the shock of those two revelations. I totally DIDN’T see those answers coming…..

Ok, I’m better now. No, wait. False sense of security. I need a glass of water, and a tylenol. I’ll be right with you……


The most popular five choices for men were:  Have sex, sleep, listen to music, exercise, and sit there and do nothing with no disturbances.

The most popular five choices for women?:  Sleep, clean, read, watch TV, and exercise. Sex came in eighth for women(???!?!)…..after ‘sit there and do nothing,’ and cooking.

Both genders were also asked to name the most annoying time waster in their life.  Being put on hold was number one, waiting in line was number two, and traffic was number three.

Ladies, seriously! Sex, EIGHTH????  And you WONDER why we’re banging ‘the help’???

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  1. Sadly,in 15 minutes I could probably do all of the above . . . and that’s including sex.

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