I’m the ruler of 12 Eastern European countries

When I was supposed to be growing up, I was always encouraged to use my imagination and that’s why I’m the ruler of 12 Eastern European countries where the so-called music of Bon Jovi is banned to this very day. Jill Y is different in that she’s intelligent, analytical and looks good in a bikini. As is the case with people, we have no problem finding fault with others but that’s only because we’re perfect ourselves. Thirsty Dave and Scurvy Jane are impulsive people and this is why it’s fun to spend time with them. Their on/off relationship might just be off again after the thirsty one made a cock-up of monumental proportions:

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8 thoughts on “I’m the ruler of 12 Eastern European countries”

  1. Now you have me curious. Which 12 countries? (That way, when I am traveling there, I can just say, “I know Bill Y. Ledden” and they’ll let me right through without even checking my passport or making me get a visa.)

    1. I think I might have made a mistake. When I said ‘ruler of 12 Eastern European countries’, I should have said ‘wanted convict of 12 Eastern European countries’ so it’s probably a good idea to forget to mention my non-good name when you go anywhere near Eastern Europe!

      1. Thank you both for clarifying this for me. 😉

        Bill, I didn’t know you were such a colorful character. Come to think of it, it is often the criminals who run countries! 😉 😀

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