Inside Comedy: Meet Alan Zweibel

As the host of Whine At 9, I’ve had the opportunity to meet award-winning writers (including HO founder Donna Cavanagh), actors, singer/songwriters, and comics. Listen in to my chat with friend and comedy genius Alan Zweibel (SNL, Curb Your Enthusiasm) for a glimpse into big time comedy and a look at his new book “Lunatics” with co-author Dave Barry. Click here to listen to the audio podcast.

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One thought on “Inside Comedy: Meet Alan Zweibel”

  1. Well, I paid the money and loaded “Lunatics” onto my Kindle, and IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! 😉 😀

    I disclaim all responsibility if my fellow subway riders give me fearful looks and move to the other end of the train because I am laughing out loud while staring at a small, black rectanguar device.

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