iPhone 5 GS 64GB

When it comes to doing the right thing, I’m more than incapable. When history judges how brilliant I have been, I doubt if I’ll attain the level of one of Paris Hilton’s dogs. It’s not that I don’t try to so the right thing, it’s just that Bon Jovi exist and someone has to bring them down. This is a 27-hour-a-day, job which only leaves 5 hours for sleep. Little Dill Y is 8 and has just finished his thesis on ‘Thermo Scientific Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Extraction’. I told him I would get him a phone when he finished but he doesn’t just want any old phone, he wants an iPhone 5 GS 64GB. Bon Jovi hating is not a high paying job and money’s too tight to spend but I’m a mocker of my word. I just hope he appreciates the thought that’s gone into his present:

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4 thoughts on “iPhone 5 GS 64GB”

  1. Well, he might not get his iPhone, but at least he’ll never fail arithmetic.

    1. He better not fail arithmetic. He needs to know how much money he needs to make to keep his parents in the lifestyle they’re accustomed to looking at in magazines.

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