Junk Mail


Junk mail


Ben Franklin’s noble idea diminished to a pile of trash no one asked for and no one wants.

What gives with the Founding Fathers?  They clearly lacked certain clairvoyant skills.  First it’s the 2nd amendment that fails to see it ultimately being exploited to increase gun sells and then Ben Franklin’s seemingly brilliant idea to allow people to stay in touch with each other turns into a black hole for every huckster born today

Where’s the effort to enforce “Original Intent” when it’s really needed

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3 thoughts on “Junk Mail”

  1. Predicting the future is very difficult,which is why any document intended to be useful for many generations must be updated as needed. This includes the Constitution and the Bible!

  2. Wow, you must do a lot of online shopping, Larry! Nice catalogues too. 🙂 I know it’s junk but I do love to browse catalogues although I tend to do that more online now.

    1. That first picture, which you commented on, was a picture from google images. I couldn’t originally download a picture of my own pile of junk but as you can see, I have been able to do that. My picture doesn’t show as many shopping catalogues. Just offers to make me rich, sexy and the most liked person in my community. There are also lots of charitable requests from non-profits who I would more likely be a recipient of rather than a donor 🙂

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