Kathy’s Points to Remember Again

Here I am once again, ready to share my wisdom. I know that you have all been eager for this installment – except for those of you who don’t care one way or another and others who are thinking, “Enough, already!” You don’t count, though.

1. Don’t pick up a quarter from the sidewalk. You don’t know where it’s been. Besides, it’s only a freakin’ quarter. Leave it for someone who cares.

2. Always be willing to admit your age if there is a discount involved.

3. Don’t fall asleep in the movies. You paid for the blasted overpriced ticket; the least you deserve is to see the whole film. Besides, it’s embarrassing to have to ask your friends to explain the plot of something you were just sitting in front of for two hours.

4. If you see something online that you don’t need and never knew existed before you saw it, you are permitted to buy it if it would look great on you or on your living room wall or, in some way, make your life so much easier to deal with. If you don’t buy it, you will keep thinking about it until it bores a hole in your brain. Then you will go back online and look for it, just to find that it is sold out or discontinued, at which point you will kick yourself and cause severe injury. It’s better just to buy it in the first place and avoid all that.

5. Always listen to me, because most of the time I know what I’m talking about. If I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll make something up.

That concludes the latest installment of Kathy’s Points to Remember. Stay tuned for more … or don’t. Whatever.

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6 thoughts on “Kathy’s Points to Remember Again”

    1. I had a hard time staying awake during “Prometheus” a couple of weeks ago, and I was watching it in IMAX 3D. Even I don’t understand how that could happen.

  1. #3 is why we watch a lot of Netflix movies — I get to enjoy again the movies my wife and I saw in the theatre and she gets to see them for the first time! You would think the cold air-conditioned air in the movie theatres would keep her awake…

    1. Hint: It’s usually easy to stay awake when you are watching something in IMAX 3D. It costs more, but you really get spoiled by it.

  2. Well, we must never look back to what might have been, but only forward to what will be … and hope that we won’t get caught in the middle of an apocalypse or something.

  3. Well I for one, have definitely been waiting for this. Number 4 is sooo true. I was online and there was this house for sale. Now the house was in a different country but the country was Sweden and I have a number of friends over there and my Swedish is okay(ish) and there are strict rules about non-nationals buying property in Sweden but I found a way around that one and the tax in Sweden is very high but the likes of healthcare and transport and blonde Swedish women are really cool but Jill Y is an attractive blonde woman who looks really cool and looks like she comes from Northern Sweden and I’ve always thought that the best way to get on, in a job is to make yourself indispensable so I spoke to my manager about leaving and he gave me a substantial rise, not to go. Sooo, after a lot of talking, we decided not to go and life is good and we’re both happy, easy going folk who enjoy the simple things in life but every couple of days, I go back online to look at that house and it’s long gone and I wonder what life would be like if only…

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