Kathy’s Points to Remember: The Workplace

It isn’t advisable to tell your boss to take the project he just assigned you and shove it up his ass. He might shove it up yours instead. It would be awfully embarrassing to have to explain to people in the elevator why you have a roll of paper and a computer stuck up your rear.

Don’t listen to office gossip unless it is about you, in which case you will want to check it for accuracy.

If you are sick but go to work anyway, don’t sneeze, breathe on or touch anyone, except that evil bitch in the corner cubicle. Office morale will improve in direct ratio to how sick you are able to make her.

Receptionists are human beings, too. So are the mailroom guys. If the receptionist is having a flagrant fling with one of the mail sorters, they aren’t doing anything that the CEO isn’t doing with his favorite female executive. They’re just doing it on the floor next to the scale in the mailroom instead of on a blue velvet couch in front of a panoramic view in a posh office on the 40th floor.

If the mailroom guy and the receptionist manage to sneak into the CEO’s posh office at night and have sex on top of his desk, it’s nobody’s business as long as they don’t leave any incriminating DNA that shows and put everything back exactly the way they found it.

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7 thoughts on “Kathy’s Points to Remember: The Workplace”

    1. You have to admit, though, that offices are great for finding things to poke fun of, and it’s easy to let your imagination work overtime.

  1. What about when your half-dozen bosses all want something different? You have no say whatsoever, even though you’re the only one who knows how to do the work. You do all of the work? They have no sense of humor, especially the Big Boss. Even a smile ist verboten.

    They now want to do some of the hands-on work, even though they don’t know how, and they don’t want to learn. Because they think you are “trying to control” the project.

    1. Worse again is when you do finish a project and big boss or small have no idea what they’re looking at and then they only go and claim that it’s their work! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

      1. Interfering bosses and those who steal ideas — been there, seen it all at one time or another. I’ve also seen people who keep trying to submit the same padded expense report over and over, hoping that eventually it will sneak through.

        You see all kinds.

    1. Hehehe! I have worked at a university for the last five years, but before that I worked at many of the big US corporations as a full-time office temporary. As a temp, I was working for the agencies, and moved around from place to place.

      I didn’t take most of my “points” from life, though. Most of them came out of my overactive imagination, which seems to be getting more and more overactive the more I exercise my writing muscles.

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