King Zuckerberg of Facebook

If I was to tell you that Mark Zuckerberg, King of Facebook was in fact a direct descendant of Philip IV, King of Spain, you might not truly believe me. You might ask if I was drinking with Thirsty Dave again and I might answer “Yes” or “No”. I’m fed up with this world not believing everything I say and do because everything I say and do is gospel and should be treated that way. Why anyone would have the audacity to not believe everything that I even think of, is like most things, beyond me. Sometimes I think more people believe that story about the guy who turned water into wine than the stories I tell. Well that changes right now. Feast your organs of sight on the unquestionable proof of fact:

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6 thoughts on “King Zuckerberg of Facebook”

    1. Thanks for that Tom but this just opens up old wounds. I’m fed up co-proving things. One of these days I’m going to wake up and be filled with the knowledge of how magnets work and when that day finally arrives, I just know that someone else will figure it out at the same time and I’ll be back to square one again!

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