“Let’s Be Careful Out There”

It’s time for for the polar ice caps to start melting and for glorious Northwest Passages to open up again everywhere, and for fracking and extracting and for all things industrial to bloom like tulips in Springtime. I just spent a week fending off heat stroke on the east coast – and I mean the east COAST, like literally on the coastline (Ocean City, NJ). Anything over 70 is misery for me, and by the time it hits 87, I’m in full heat-stroke mode. So, it was 99 on the coast, and I resorted to shorts and flipflops, blinding everyone else with my whiteness, like an albino moles who has just found the sun. The air felt like a pizza oven, still and scorching with nary an ocean breeze.

I kind of stopped worrying about global warming when I realized that the Powers That Be will never, ever do anything about it, until it’s too late. At which point, depending on which projections you believe, we will either be really fucked, or reallyreally fucked. Rationalization is a powerful thing. Even when your brains are cooking in an unprecedented heat wave,  your utilities are out from the third 100-year storm this year and your back yard is disappearing fast into the rising sea, nothing’s really amiss because it’s been hot before, and it was cold last winter somewhere. Don’t mention science stuff as the water slowly covers your head. It’s not rising ocean levels, it’s just … cyclical … repeated, um … flooding, that’s it. It’s just flooding (I’ll give you your “recurring flooding” for “sea level rise” as long as you give us our “bigoted fairytale bullshit stories made up by confused desert goat farmers that cause people to disbelieve science even when their houses are underwater, as predicted by science, for “religion”).

I’m not sure what’s more depressing – the fact that in spite of everything, there are still those retards who will argue themselves red-faced that global warming doesn’t exist. Or, the fact that I live in a country where elderly folks are left to die of heat exposure in their own homes because no one called them or checked in on them to make sure they’re okay. I don’t want to romanticize the past, but it bums me out that we have palm sized technology that can tell us what to do at every minute of the day, and not enough empathy to pick up a phone or knock on a neighbor’s door.

There was a New Yorker article a couple of years ago that said that no one has ever offered up a plausible account of why thousands of scientists at thousands  of universities worldwide would bother to engineer a climate hoax, nor why  Mother Nature would keep playing along. The reason the conservatives keep braying about is clear: If scientists can be believed about climate change, then that means they might be telling the truth about evolution, which would then mean the Bible is not literally true….so, you see, climate change must be deemed false or else Americans would have literally no reason to keep voting for Republicans. Maybe scientists should start using reverse psychology – demanding more fossil fuel use, because that would help India and China grow, and that would help spread Hinduism and Communism.

The oppressive heatwave, the sudden downpours, the record snow/hail drops, high winds, restless volcanoes, increasing earthquakes, devastating droughts, magnetic pole moving at a record pace, new diseases from animals, scorched crops, Metro derailments, buckling highways. major X-grade solar flares, brown grass and trees, frantic farmers, dying seniors and babies and pets, plasma rays hitting the earth, early snowpack melts, beetles waking from hibernation early to strip trees, creepy tropical winters, spreading wildfires, flooding from giant deluges, confused crops, powerful freak wind storms. All this stuff is effecting people, and even Republican people can no longer support global climate change as just a hoax invented by the Weather Channel in a cynical plot to gin up ratings. Despite Rick Perry’s failed rain dances, and as evidenced by JanBrewer’s face, the earth is burning. And the reality is, thousands of category-one-million tornadoes are really truly mowing down large swaths of Real America. And it’s finally all conspiring to make American citizens a bit dubious about the alleged “fictional nature” of climate change. Polling shows that belief in global warming jumped from 65% in 2009 to 52% in 2011…today, two thirds of Americans believe that global warming exists! Sustained deadly catastrophe was what it took, disasters of biblical proportions convinced Americans that science might be right. Disasters of biblical proportions convince Americans that the bible is fiction.

You see, Nature isn’t a Democracy. Truth is the truth no matter how much it’s denied. Simple fact CO2 is a greenhouse gas. This has been known for well over a century. God knows it. So He sayeth”

“Depart from me, you wretched accursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gaveth me no food, I was thirsty and you gaveth me no drink, the heat index topped 117 in the shade for three straight months and you let me suffer heat stroke because you had denied global climate change and took a no-new-taxes pledge. Amen, I say to you, what you did not do for one of these, you did not do for me.”

So, the tides go in, the tides go out, the tides inundate low-lying seaside communities and obliterate protective barrier islands. You can’t explain it. It does seem as if we are at the cross-roads: should we pray more, or deny it more vehemently?

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10 thoughts on ““Let’s Be Careful Out There””

  1. There’s nothing I love more than a well written and eloquent rant!! Bravo Kara!

  2. Hi Kara,
    I found this link through Steven in NY. Even though we not on the same page on this (and many) topic, I enjoyed reading this. You are the left’s equivalent of Anne Coulter and I hope you don’t find that insulting – because it is meant to be complimentary.

      1. Hehe! On some planet in a galaxy far, far away in a parallel universe where everything is reversed. Certainly not here.

  3. I think we should both pray more AND listen to the scientists and take steps to stop global warming.

    I think the main force that is behind the denial of global warming is not religion, but money. Big corporations have selfish reasons for wanting us to continue to pour greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, and for not wanting us to notice how they are destroying our planet in the name of greed.

    1. It’s definitely money. It’s just one of the GOP’s lame ways in which to keep folks voting for their candidates. They have nothing else, because there is literally NO reason for any non filthy rich Americans to vote for them. NONE.

      1. Well, thank goodness there are religious people who are also intelligent enough to see through the hypocrisy and vote for the candidates who are actually trying to do something good for them. I’m a registered Democrat, and I’m sure I will end up voting a straight Democratic ticket once again. There are others like me, too. We just don’t make as much noise as the idiots do.

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