Man Buys Early Valentine’s Day Gift

In an unprecedented event, John Miller from Omaha, Nebraska actually bought a beautiful set of diamond earrings for his wife back on January 18th in preparation for this year’s Valentine’s Day. In addition to the earrings, the man listened to his wife, and made a reservation at her favorite restaurant, even though he’s not all that crazy about Applebee’s, he’s much more of a Chili’s type of guy.  When asked what prompted him to take such extreme measures for this years Valentine’s Day, he responded by saying that he loved his wife with all of his heart, and he wanted this year to be special for her.

Friends of John Miller are more skeptical, when asked for comments, every one of them speculated that he’s probably over compensating for some kind of screw up, or he’s cheating on his wife. Experts agree.

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