Modern Family’s F-Bomb Fallout

A no-cursing advocacy group is calling for ABC to pull an episode of Modern Family which features a toddler dropping the bleeped-out F-bomb.  The “No Cussing Club”, whose founder is an 18-year-old named McKay Hatch, is offended that the show recognized what many parents know: toddlers blurt out curse words at the worst possible moments.  So, McKay wants ABC to pull the entire episode so that the show’s audience knows cursing is offensive in any situation. Well, good for Hatch. I hope this kid is successful because tomorrow, I am also going to a network and demand that another show with offensive language be taken off the air: the 700 Club.

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5 thoughts on “Modern Family’s F-Bomb Fallout”

  1. My reaction whenever I come across The 700 Club on one of my cable TV surfing expeditions is to change the channel as quickly as possible. I avoid getting sick that way.

    You can tell how old I am when I say that I didn’t even know the F-word until I was already grown up. In my family, nobody cussed. Even my father, who was a real Long Island Italian, had a surprisingly clean mouth. My mother’s strongest epithet was “Gosh darn it!” and that only when she was really mad about something! I think I once heard her say, “Damn,” but that was as rare as a vegetarian lion in our house.

    Even now, although I am known to occasionally use the “F” word, I always have this little voice in my head that says, “Watch your mouth, young lady!”

  2. A response to Mike, Eric and Rick: Mike – I originally had FOX news as the ending; Eric and Rick – I also took out a line about not knowing if McKay was a male/female because his idiotic parents chose a name that does not recognize gender and I found that offensive. I should have left everything in this post! LOL

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