Newt Gingrich’s New Plan to Track Illegal Immigrants

Newt Gingrich and his supporters think he might have come up with an idea to solve the illegal immigrant issue.  In a rally in Illinois, Gingrich said he might use the services of UPS and FedEx  to find and track of the location of those who entered the country illegally.

Gingrich said he was impressed that FedEx and UPS can track 24 million packages a day, but the federal government can’t find the whereabouts of 11 million illegal immigrants “even if they are sitting still”.  His solution: Gingrich suggested that the government mail a package to every person who is in the US illegally, and then when the package is delivered, the government would have a fix on where the illegal immigrant was.

And the crowd at the rally cheered him on.  Well, my first thought was this: You need an address to send a package, so if you know where to mail the package, wouldn’t that mean that you already know the location of the illegal immigrants? Since their addresses are already known, why do we need to waste taxpayer money and send the packages in the first place? And he thinks the Democrats waste  money.

And my second thought: Gee, Newt, why don’t we microchip everyone in the country like we do our pets so we always know the entire country’s whereabouts?  We can then change the words in our national anthem  from “The land of the free and home of the brave” to  “The land of the free but we know where you live, sleep and eat – at all times.”   Nothing is more beautiful than democracy in action.

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