NFL Coaches Who Should Go

Both the Eagles and the Chargers have decided to give their coaches Andy Reid and Norv Turner  another season to make magic.  Truthfully, a disappearing act this year would have been the best strategy, but the ownerships think these coaches can still come up with that illusive Super Bowl Ring.  I want a meeting with both of these teams’ decision makers. I want to tell them about this bridge in Brooklyn that is for sale.

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2 thoughts on “NFL Coaches Who Should Go”

  1. I know! And what about Chicago holding on to Lovie instead of making a clean sweep?!? Good news for the the Packers anyway — as is holding on to Reid. Let the playoffs begin!!!

    1. I feel badly for Lovie – tough year with injuries and legal issues. But Reid, come on! I am also glad they didn’t fire Jim Caldwell from Indy although I agree their GM had to go. Love Playoffs too!!!

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