October is Squirrel Awareness Month

October is officially Squirrel Awareness Month. In honor of the agile animals, dogs everywhere will abstain from chasing the rodents and instead, they will wear  gray and brown ribbons on their collars to show their respect for all those squirrels who have crossed their path and met their maker dashing into the street.

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11 thoughts on “October is Squirrel Awareness Month”

  1. If anyone out there needs a few extra squirrels, I will be more than happy to round up a few (or 200) from my neighborhood and send them on over.

  2. The election frenzy, I fear, has gotten to the squirrels in my part of the world. They run toward the middle of the road — rather like Mitt Romney in a national debate — then have to run back to the right as an automobile of voters comes barreling down the street. When I see that happen I know they’re just appeasing their base. Hoping things will calm down after November 6th.

    1. So, maybe instead of brown and gray ribbons, the dogs should wear red and blue ones and hand them out to the squirrels depending up which side of the road they run to? Very fun Robin!

  3. It’s about time dogs respected the squirrels. I can see one little problem though. If the dogs don’t chase them for one day, the squirrels will be expecting the respect every day. It’s the very same with buying flowers for somebody. Once you start buying flowers for someone, someone expects them again and again. Before you know it, you’re spending all your time stealing flowers from your neighbors garden and then you have to move again!

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