Ode to Winter

I suck big time at writing poetry.  What can someone like me do?  Write a bad poem and post it on a humor website for people to laugh at.  Here’s one of mine.  I assure everyone that there will not be many more.  Even I have some standards.


Ode to Winter


Winter, my Winter, oh where can you be?

It’s 50 degrees and it’s February!

No blustery nor’easters, no lake effect snow,

No black ice, no slush, no blizzards that blow.


My thermals and mufflers are ready to wear,

But at 50 degrees they are too warm to bear.

That hooded fleece robe won’t be needed, I fear,

And the LL Bean boots won’t be worn much this year.


Winter, oh Winter, why didn’t you warn us

That you’d mimic spring and endeavor to warm us.

I shouldn’t have bought that new coat and the rest,

To save all that money would have been best.

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