On My Way to Obie City

I must relate up front that I never wanted to visit this city, but was rather forced into it by my co-workers, none of whom had ever visited the forbidden city. In all honesty, they didn’t actually force me to go there, but their bread crumbs, which they practically threw in my face, compelled me to eat my way to the weighty city, one mouthful at a time.

Oh, those dreaded bread crumbs and their partners in crime – the meatballs and the guacamole and the casseroles and the Heath desserts and the pies and the – I’d better stop – my hips are expanding just by uttering those words.

The trip to Obie City was a much shorter trip than I originally anticipated it would be. The nearer Obie City appeared, the heavier I felt.

The bread crumbs turned into whole loaves of bread. The guacamole turned into a giant avocado tree, its leaves appearing as salivating tongues, its tails wagging in anticipation of filling my tummy with satiating goodness. I couldn’t help but smash those lush avocados into an exquisite dip and devour them greedily. The Heath desserts followed me into my bedroom, sneaking into my mouth and forcing my teeth to crunch the delectable bits.

Obie City haunted my dreams and one day, when I awoke, I found myself in unfamiliar territory, frightened by my girth and my desire to escape.

Drat! I couldn’t believe how quickly I arrived in Obie City. It happened so fast, I didn’t even even realize I was there. I stood at the entrance and I pounded on the invisible walls, screaming, “GET ME OUT OF HERE! GET ME OUT OF HERE!”

But nobody heard me. I hallucinated that the world was expanding around me. Perhaps I was looking into a mirror.

The desserts now sat on my desk and my hand disobeyed me as it shoved (unbidden) the food into my throat. Through chokes, I wailed, “STOP! REALLY! STOP!” And then, would you believe, it threw the dastardly Heath pieces into my ice cream!

I couldn’t resist. My hand disobeyed me as it continued to send the most delicious delicacies into my mouth. I savored each morsel while all the clothing in my closet shrunk. Again, perhaps I was looking into a mirror.

Yes, Obie City invited me and I got “this close” to being there, but I stayed away. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

I took a trip to the  Write World instead.

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9 thoughts on “On My Way to Obie City”

    1. I hear a song coming – On the first day of Christmas, my true love game to me a pretty one-pound box of candy. On the second day of Christmas… 😉

    1. 🙁 It’s not on my top 10 list of places to visit. But it does trap you, doesn’t it?

  1. Well written, Teresa! The destination of Obie City is unpleasant, but it’s all about the journey! A little stroll down the road occasionally can be a good thing. I plan to stay healthy in 2012 and continue to lose weight as a vegetarian (and eat more at home)!

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