Once Upon a Vasectomy….

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Once upon a time, there lived a family of four.

The parents so loved their kids, they wanted to try for one more.

After trying and prayers, they soon had a boy – this latest addition brought them all loads of  joy.

The parents agreed their family’s size was just  fine. So much so they nodded, “We should perhaps draw a line.”

But the line’s not a true line – it’s a metaphor you see, because the couple decided to have a vasectomy.

When I say “the couple” I of course mean the man, ‘cuz he’s the one for which a vasectomy is planned.

The quest was engaged – his reproductive door would be shut – a doctor was needed for the man’s final cut.

To find a great doctor would indeed by the key –  identify an MD for his nether anatomy.

Referrals from close friends was all that it took, the dad found a great doc to take a quick look.

Upon consultation a date they did make, the doctor assured it’d be easy as cake.

Regardless, the dad soon looked up WebMD – to learn a bit more of his near surgery.

While researching online the dad started to squirm, it seems razor-sharp knives help stop flowing sperm.

The site then recommends resting flat on your back, with swelling to be treated by a strategic ice pack.

All things considered, the procedure’s not bad – he’ll keep from four-peating as a brand-spanking new dad.

Let the banners unfurl and the trumpets sound out. Let the laurel leaves fall and chorale singers shout.

Fast as a flash his virility ends, after a fast “lower” shave and snip of vas deferens.

With the procedure complete, the family number is quite right – and they embark on their  future that seems only bright.

The moral of this tale should be easy to see, that it’s really quite easy for a vasectomy.

(at least that’s what my wife says)



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5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Vasectomy….”

  1. I have always told my wife that it should be her who has this kind of thing done. After all, her stuff has a shorter shelf life and my second wife might want kids.

  2. Congrats! We stopped with two kids, but I didn’t have to snip anything to keep more from coming! I’m glad we were able to find alternatives that worked for us. BTW, this was a very good poem, too! Shades of Dr. Seuss.

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