One Brick Short of a Reception

In the news a Seattle woman announced her profound love for a building she stayed in during an Occupy Seattle protest.  So much so she said she decided to marry it.  Stating it was love at first sight.  The wedding is scheduled to take place this Sunday, January 29th.  It will be a rushed event as the building was set to be demolished. The young lady was later escorted from the building due to demolition setup which started on Thursday.  I can only imagine her celebratory toast, “I know he’s as thick as a brick, but I don’t mind being his ball and chain.”  Alas another case of architectural coitus interruptus.

News Article Seattle Woman Marries Building

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4 thoughts on “One Brick Short of a Reception”

    1. LOL,I can only image the industrial strength condoms used by a brick layer!! 😉

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