One Million Mistakes

First, they went after JC Penney for adopting Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson. Now, One Million Moms, a conservative “family values” group who equates homosexuality with sin, is ready to fight JC Penney again, for their ad showing two gay dads in a Father’s Day campaign. Contending that the retailer was “continuing on the same path of promoting sin” with this new ad as they were with Ellen, they asked their supporters to write “REF– USED…RETURN TO SENDER” on their JCPenney catalog when it arrives.

This is not the first time the ultra-conservative group has used heavy-handed tactics to sway advertisers and TV networks to see things their way.  I guess nothing says “Look how we serve God and our fellow man” like a successful campaign of blackmail and extortion. Hey, it worked for the Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials.  And to think, this is the same “think like us or we will mow you down” set of values that they are passing on to their children. I think I sleep better knowing there is another generation waiting in the wings.


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2 thoughts on “One Million Mistakes”

  1. I would like to know if anyone has audited this group to check their numbers…surely there aren’t a MILLION mothers who are this closed-minded! They should just use their acronym for a mantra and chill…OMM!

  2. If this was fiction, it would be hard to believe. The fact that it’s fact and a million people are behind a group using family values as a smokescreen for bigotry and hatred is terrifying.

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